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Welcome to chalo greece

At chalogreece.in , as your Greece itinerary supplier , we co-work with you to design customized Greece vacations as per your liking.

You can book your own hotel or flight as well and we are fine with that. We offer you Sightseeing tours in most popular touristic areas of Greece. We pick you up from your hotel and drop you back to your hotel after the tour . Whether you choose our day tours or night tours ,we are there 24 hours. We aspire to do wonderful Greece sightseeing tours with discounted prices and best services.

Once you travel in Greece with Us, we will take care of all your sightseeing queries . So for worry-free Greece holidays choose Chalo Greece.

Who are we?

Namaste from Greece

We are a team of travel industry professionals and experts of Greece with one common passion.

We want to serve to Indian people that we love and arranging the best land services for Indian people traveling to Greece and the Greek islands from India or other countries.


Back in 2012, we decided to create www.chalogreece.in, a one and only Greece tour booking website for Indian travelers done by foreigners about Greece and the Greek islands in order to share this passion with Indian travelers. You would of course consider our 25 years of expertise in tourism business.


Today, Chalogreece.in is considered one of the top web resources in India in order to organize a trip to Greece and the Greek islands from India and we owe this to our former guests and without their support and trust we could not come to the level that we are in now.

Thousands of people visit our website every year and thousands of people use our travel services.


Our mission is to promote the beauty and treasures of Greece in India and to help Indian people choose their dream destinations in our lovely country.
Our main goal is if anybody is looking for a tour package to Greece from India , they should reach the best which is Chalo Greece. Because no one else knows Greece and Indian people together like us.
We know how to serve , what to provide , where to accommodate and how to treat Indian travelers after so many years of handling thousands of Indian Guests in Greece.
We work only with the best suppliers who are all licensed by the GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization) to make your travel in Greece the experience of a lifetime.


We are famous especially for arranging vegetarian meals and also catering to Jain meals. Our clients are our backbone and biggest advertisers. We have a 100% repeat customer ratio. We aspire to become the biggest vegetarian meal providing company in Greece through our great partners and suppliers and always wish to give value for money holiday to our patrons seeing Greece.


Our biggest difference is you can always reach us during your trip in Greece regardless of any location like Athens or Mykonos or Santorini or etc..We are there on the spot with our team to assist you . Indian people needs personal touch . Indian people like to see people who really take care of them. So that’s why whoever travels with Chalo Greece in Greece , once they return back to India ,they send us many new clients who also become our new guests very soon.


Our Greek Island Hopping tours are always specially customized as per your liking.
Simply upon arrival to Athens until you depart from any location in Greece
Chalo Greece team is at your service.
We book your hotels , sightseeingtours , ferries ,transfers ,meals and etc..

Please do not forget .
If you travel with Chalo Greece , you have worry free holiday in Greece.
See you in Greece .. Please smile you will be in Greece soon.